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More than any other sport, baseball appreciation is passed from generation to generation, especially from father to son. From teaching a child to break in a glove to taking them to their first game to sharing their Little League successes, baseball forms the lifelong bonds that shape relationships between parent and child. In Glove Story: Fathers, Sons and the American Pastime,Mark Rosenman and A. J. Carter explore how those ties lead to lifelong memories and passed down careers. Against the backdrop of Rosenman seeking one last bonding experience with his adult son—a joint trip to New York Mets Fantasy Camp— Glove Story explores how those relationship develop and endure, through the eyes of some of the 248 father-son major league baseball pairings and notable fans. This sometimes touching, eminently readable book includes first-hand accounts from such baseball notables as Maury and Bump Wills, Ken Griffey Sr., Tim Raines Sr., Brian McRae, Bret Boone, David Bell, and broadcasters Bob Costas, Howie Rose, and Chip Caray. It also examines the role the fathers play in creating our fandom through interviews with former Vice President Dan Quayle, astronaut Terry Virts, actor Chazz Palminteri and comedy writer Alan Zweibel. Entertaining, engaging, funny, and heartwarming, with a foreword written by father and son broadcasting legends Marty and Thom Brennaman, Glove Story reads as a love letter to the sport we all love.

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